The sound of Immaculate Heart Parish

There are many reasons that I am blessed to be involved in Immaculate Heart Parish. Before I converted to Catholicism I had the pleasure of being involved in music making in the Anglican tradition and in my last post I inherited a strong choral tradition and had a beautiful three manual Mirlees pipe organ to play.

When my initial intention to continue in a professional capacity after my conversion became less practical, I made the difficult decision to leave all of that behind (along with a competitive salary!). I did this in the full knowledge that the music in most Catholic parishes was nowhere near what I had known as an Anglican. I wondered if I would ever be involved in sacred music in a substantial way again.

Long story short, I have ended up playing for the Traditional Latin Mass and discovering the rich musical patrimony of the Church. In addition to working with a larger group of singers associated with Una Voce Scotland (and directing the music for Masses with international guests such as Cardinal Burke and Bishop Schneider), I have a committed schola at Immaculate Heart Parish who sing Mass on Sundays and Holy Days as well as Sunday Vespers and monthly Compline. Once again, I have learned that any time we make a sacrifice for Jesus, he rewards us a hundredfold.

Here is a recent sample of the weekly sound of Immaculate Heart Parish, chant and polyphony. Enjoy!