Music List: 25th October 2020

5.30pm Vigil Mass, St Dominic’s Bishopbriggs

Prelude- Duo, Suite du Premier Ton, Clerambault
Communion- Recit de Cromorne et de cornet separe, Suite du Premier Ton, Clerambault
Postlude- Grand Plein Jeu, Suite du Premier Ton, Clerambault


9.30 & 11am- St Brigid’s Toryglen

25th October- Christ the King
Proper- Dignus est Agnus
Prelude- Improvisation: Kyrie, Missa Regia
Offertory- Duo, Suite du Premier Ton, Clerambault
Communion Motet- Jesu Rex Admirabilis, Palestrina
Postlude- Grand Plein Jeu, Suite du Premier Ton, Clerambault

Music lists 17/18th October 2020

Vigil -St Dominic’s Bishopbriggs (2Man&Ped)

Prelude- ‘Durch Adams Fall is ganz verderbt’ BWV 705
Communion- Prelude in C Minor BWV 934
Postlude- Prelude and fugue in G Major BWV 557

9.30 & 11am- St Brigid’s Toryglen (1 Manual)

Proper- Omnia quae fecisti
Prelude- Duo sur Les Tierces*
Offertory- Trio a 2 dessus de Chromhorne et la basse de Tierce*
Communion- Recit de Chomrhorne*
Postlude- Kyrie et fugue sur la trompette*

* Messe Pour Les Couvents, Francois Couperin

Organ Masses 10th/11th October

5.30pm Vigil Mass, St Dominic’s, Bishopbriggs

Prelude- Prelude, Dubois*
Communion- Cantiléne Religieuse, Dubois
Postlude- Marche Sortie, Dubois

*Seven pieces for organ, 1898

9.30am & 11am, St Brigid’ s, Toryglen

Proper- Salus Populi
Prelude- Andantino ma non troppo, Cinq Elevations, Heures Mystiques Op. 29, Leon Boellmann
Offertory- Perambule, Op. 31, Louis Vierne
Communion- O Salutaris Hostia, J.B. Faure
Postlude- Allegro decisio, Cinq Sorties, Heures Mystiques Op. 29, Leon Boellmann

Organ Masses 4th October 2020

First Mass (Vigil)- St Dominic’s, Bishopbriggs

Prelude–Prelude and Fugue in E Minor BWV 555, J.S.Bach
Offertory- Organ Concerto No.2 in G Major, Movement 2 BWV 592, J.S.Bach
Communion- Organ Concerto D Minor Mov 2 Largo e Spiccato BWV 596, J.S.Bach (Vivaldi)
Communion of the Faithful- Conzona in D Minor BWV 588, J.S.Bach


Second and Third Masses- St Brigid’s, Toryglen

Proper- Da Pacem
Prelude- Kyrie Versets*
Offertory- Gravis modulatio pro Offertorio*
Communion- Benedictus & Elevatio simul*
Postlude- Brevis modulatio post Agnus*

* Missa in Dominicis diebus Op. 8, Giovanni Battista Fasolo

Organ Mass 27th September

27th September- 17th after Pentecost

Low Mass with Chant and Organ

Proper- Justus Es
Prelude- Canzona in Re Minore, Zipoli
Offertory- Elevatione in Fa Maggiore, Zipoli
Communion- O Salutaris Hostia, Bentivoglio
Postlude- Quattro Versi in Re Minore, Zipoli

Organ Mass- 16 August

This week the repertoire for Sunday’s Organ Mass has a Marian theme. It was such a shame not to celebrate the feast of the Assumption with solemnity today and while the Mass of the day will be XI Sunday after Pentecost, in Scotland the bishops have transferred holy days that fall on Saturdays to the following Sunday and before the 1962 Missal, the Assumption had an octave (yes, I realise that Sundays are not included…) So, those are my excuses, if any are needed for a dose of hyperdulia, for paying musical tribute to Our Blessed Lady, Assumed body and soul into Heaven and reigning as Queen over all!

Introit- Chorale, Suite Gothique, Leon Boellmann

Offertory- Prier du Notre Dame, Suite Gothique, Leon Boellmann

Communion- Ave Maria, Op. 65 Alexandre Guilmant

Communion of the Faithful- Versts on Ave Maris Stella, Improv and Op. 65 Alexandre Guilmant


Organ Mass 9th August 2020

Programming music for liturgy is a delicate business- the last thing that we want is to have consecutive items which clash in key or style. Although most folk don’t realise it, which is kind of the point, I always programme music that is from one particular style and try to ensure that consecutive items are related in key so as to avoid any subtle yet distracting gear changes!

The current covid-compliant liturgical arrangements have some bearing on the music chosen; mainly that rather than an uplifting ‘sortie’ a second communion piece is required after Mass as the people ‘receive and leave.’ Timing is also a factor since usually I only programme the Prelude and Postlude with only improvisations after the offertory and communion motets (unless we don’t have enough singers for motets in which case I do programme organ music.). This makes timing the end of the music to the end of the liturgical action quite straightforward. With full pieces, there may be a need to improvise an ending if the priest is ready earlier than expected, especially at the moment when playing for Low Mass with no ceremony (no incense etc).

Recent organ Masses have been in the French Classical (what we call baroque) and French Romantic styles with all of last week’s music being by J.S. Bach. This week we have an English flavour with music by the 18th Century London composer John Stanley.

Introit- Adagio, Voluntary IV, D Minor, Op.VII

Offertory- Andante, Voluntary IV, DMinor, Op.VII

Communion- Adagio, Voluntary VII, E Minor, Op.VII

Communion of the people- Voluntary VII, G Minor, Op. V

Organ Mass 2nd August 2020

2nd August 2020

Organ Mass 11.30am, Immaculate Heart of Mary, Balornock

Introit-Prelude and Fugue in E Minor BWV 555, J.S.Bach

Offertory- Organ Concerto No.2 in G Major, Movement 2 BWV 592, J.S.Bach

Communion- Organ Concerto D Minor Mov 2 Largo e Spiccato BWV 596, J.S.Bach (Vivaldi)

Communion of the Faithful- Conzona in D Minor BWV 588, J.S.Bach

Home Liturgy- Easter Sunday

For Easter Sunday, follow the ideas for a dry Mass as described in my Palm Sunday Post.

Holy water can be sprinkled during the Vidi Aquam.

Find the text here by selecting the correct date and the rubrics from before 1955.

Here is a playlist of all of the chant I have included organ music for before and after as well as the I filli et filliae as an opening hymn and motets for the Offertory and Communion. For the ordinary- Kyrie etc- I have included both the chant Mass for paschaltide and a more festive choral setting so that you can choose which one to use.

The home altar should be decorated in white and gold, candles lit and incense burned if you have some.