Feast of All Saints: O Quam Gloriosum

Happy feast of All Saints.

Here is a motet by the Spanish Priest composer, Fr Thomas Luis de Victoria- O Quam Gloriosum, complete with beautiful footage from the BBC.

O quam gloriosum est regnum,
in quo cum Christo gaudent omnes Sancti!
Amicti stolis albis,
sequuntur Agnum, quocumque ierit.

O how glorious is the kingdom
in which all the saints rejoice with Christ,
clad in robes of white
they follow the Lamb wherever he goes.

And Fr Victoria’s Mass on the same theme.

Vespers Hymn: The Feast of Christ the King

1. Te saeculorum Principem, Te, Christe, Regem Gentium,
Te mentium, Te cordium Unum fatemur arbitrum.

2. Scelesta turba clamitat: Regnare Christum nolumus:
Te nos ovantes omnium Regem supremum dicimus.

3. O Christe, Princeps Pacifer, Mentes rebelles subiice:
Tuoqu(e) amore devios, Ovil(e) in unum congrega.

4. Ad hoc cruent(a) ab arbore, Pendes apertis brachiis:
Diraque fossum cuspide Cor igne flagrans exhibes.

5. Ad hoc in aris abderis Vini dapisqu(e) imagine,
Fundens salutem filiis Transverberato pectore.

6. Te nationum Praesides Honore tollant publico,
Colant magistri, iudices, Leges et artes exprimant.

7. Submissa regum fulgeant Tibi dicat(a) insignia:
Mitique sceptro patriam Domosque subde civium.

8. Iesu, tibi sit gloria, Qui sceptra mundi temperas,
Cum Patr(e) et almo Spiritu, In sempiterna saecula. Amen.

V. Multiplicabitur eius imperium.
R. Et pacis non erit finis.

1. Thou, Prince of all ages, Thou, O Christ, the King of the nations,
we acknowledge Thee the one Judge of all hearts and minds.

2. The wicked mob screams out. “We don’t want Christ as king,”
While we, with shouts of joy, hail Thee as the world’s supreme King.

3. O Christ, peace-bringing Prince, subjugate the rebellious minds:
And in Thy love, bring together in one flock those going astray.

4. For this, with arms outstretched, Thou hung, bleeding, on the Cross,
and the cruel spear that pierced Thee, showed man a Heart burning with love.

5. For this, Thou art hidden on our altars under the form of bread and wine,
and pour out on Thy children from Thy pierced side the grace of salvation.

6. May the rulers of the world publicly honour and extol Thee; May teachers and judges reverence Thee;
May the laws express Thine order and the arts reflect Thy beauty.

7. May kings find renown in their submission and dedication to Thee.
Bring under Thy gentle rule our country and our homes.

8. Glory be to Thee, O Jesus, supreme over all secular authorities;
And glory be to the Father and the loving Spirit through endless ages.

V. His empire shall be multiplied.
R. And there shall be no end of peace

A Plenary Indulgence is available today. Click here for details.

For more information on this feast, see the below encyclical in which Pope Pius XI instituted it.



Encyclical of Pope Pius XI promulgated on December 11, 1925.

Teddy Bears’ Picnic- Kelvingrove Organ

I am very fortunate to be among the group of organists who play the daily organ recitals at Kelvingrove Art Gallery. The only free, daily recital series in the world, there is a free promenade concert Monday-Saturday at 1pm and every Sunday at 3pm.

Here is a recording of a recent concert finale. Enjoy!

Music List: Feast of Christ the King

Sunday 27 October 2019 Feast of Our Lord Jesus Christ the King I CL

GL CR Consecration of the Human Race to the Sacred Heart of Jesus (Plenary Indulgence)

11.30am Missa Cantata

Processional Hymn- Christ is King of earth and heaven

Proper- Dignus et Agnus

Ordinary- Missa Regia, Henri du Mont

Credo IV

Offertory Hymn- Vexilla Christus Inclyta (Lauds)

Communion Motet- Jesu Rex Admirabilis, Palestrina

Christus Vincit, Chant

Organ Postlude Voluntary- Nun Danket Alle Gott, Karg-Elert

UVS Annual Requiem Mass

On the 2nd of November, Una Voce Scotland are hosting our annual Requiem Mass for deceased members. Providentially, this fall’s in the feast of All Souls.

Schola Una Voce will be providing the music which, in addition to the chant, will include music from Victoria’s Missa pro Defunctis a4.

All are welcome to attend the Mass and members will stay for the AGM afterwards.