A graduate of the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland and the University of Glasgow, Fraser has a wide professional musical experience. From solo recitals and accompaniment to conducting choirs, orchestras and brass bands, traditional music to teaching high school music, his versatility enables him to enjoy performance and teaching in a range of contexts.

It is, however, in liturgical music that Fraser has found the most fulfillment as it is the plane on which his musical, spiritual and pedagogical interests intersect. Fraser’s professional church music career has seen him develop high quality musical provision in Presbyterian, Anglican and Catholic settings and since his conversion to the Catholic faith, and inspired by the teaching of Pope Benedict XVI, he has dedicated his music making to the practice and promotion of Gregorian Chant, Polyphony, Hymnody and Liturgical Organ playing.

Working in sacred music and in teaching music and religious education, Fraser is in the unique position of being immersed in the study and practice of both the music of the church and the theology behind it. It is the beauty of the liturgy and its communication of the truth of the faith that motivates Fraser in his calling to promote excellence in liturgical music. He hopes that by sharing insights and resources and by training singers and clergy in Gregorian Chant, Polyphony and liturgical organ music that many more people will discover the beauty of the Sacred Liturgy and will come to know the beauty of the one to whom our song is directed. To this aim, Fraser founded a new ensemble and education programme called Cantores Matris Dei.

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