Fraser graduated with a BEd Music (Hons) degree with Merit in Teaching in the summer of 2012. During the four year course, Fraser studied music at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland and Education studies in the Faculty of Education, University of Glasgow. Through this programme he has a strong professional grounding in education theory and practice. Over the 4 years of his study, Fraser taught in 8 diverse schools and gained valuable experience in different settings .

Between 2009 and 2014, Fraser was Trombone Intstructor at the Music Centre of Inverclyde Instrumental Music Service and successfully prepared pupils for ABRSM examinations and entry to the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland. In the session 2012-13, Fraser taught in Bishopbriggs Academy, East Dunbartonshire. In addition to class teaching, Fraser was responsible for the school Senior choir and delivered individual voice coaching for pupils studying singing for SQA National Qualifications.  He also initiated the school Chamber choir, an ABRSM music theory class, ceilidh band and was accompanist for the junior choir.  Fraser was also responsible for writing and implementing new Composing Skills courses from the new National 4 and 5 qualifications through to Advanced Higher.

In 2014, Fraser was appointed at Turnbull High School to teach music and Catholic Religious Education. He held the position of School Retreat Co-ordinator, Caritas Award Co-ordinator and ran the school ceilidh band. He has been responsible for writing the new Higher and Advanced Higher Understanding Music courses. In October 2018, Fraser was appointed Acting Principal Teacher of RE with responsibility for the BGE (S1-3) and in the session 2019-20 undertook an Additional Teacher Qualification in Religious Education at the University of Glasgow. In May 2020, Fraser was appointed Principal Teacher of Religious Education.

In addition to his work at Turnbull, Fraser maintains a busy schedule of private pupils. These include vocal, piano, organ and brass students from beginner to further education level.