How to sing and accompany Gregorian Chant

Where to start when wishing to learn to sing or accompany Gregorian Chant?

I would love to get back to helping in person once lockdown ends but in the meantime here is a one-stop-shop to get you started!

How to read and sing chant– an introduction given by the great Jeff Ostrowski at Corpus Christi Watershed.

If unsure about how to sing Solfa- get the basics here and with the subsequent videos.

Chant Accompaniment

1. Although every organist should aim to accompany chant directly from the neuems, the following link contains full Nova Organi Harmonia harmonisations of the Gregorian Ordinaries and Propers and more!

2. Chant Talk– Patrick Torsell, is Director of Music at Mater Dei FSSP Parish, Harrisburg, PA. He has some useful video tutorials on effective chant accompaniment in different modes.

3. I suggest that they immerse themselves in listening to excellent chant accompaniment. I recommend Fontgombault and Westminster Cathedral.

In terms of chant books and resources, see my post about top tools for TLM musicians!

Fairness for Places of Worship?

We have gone through a very difficult few months. In addition to the physical and emotional suffering caused by Covid 19, many people of faith have suffered the spiritual pain of the closure of places of worship for the common good. We have all made sacrifices.

As the situation is developing, however, many people of faith are questioning whether or not the place of churches is appropriate in relation to non- essential leisure activities in the plans of the Scottish Government. See below the communication which I have put out as Chairman of Una Voce Scotland and please take action if you are able.

Resumption of Public Masses: Contact Your MSP

Long time, no speak

It has been an extraordinary few months for all of us and while many parts of life have moved online, my musical life as moved offline for a while as other things have taken priority. I am sure, however, that as life returns to normality, I will once again have the chance to continue my own study and practice as well as sharing what I learn with anyone who stumbles across this blog.

There have been a number of developments in my professional life. I have completed and Additional Teacher Qualification on Religious Education at the University of Glasgow and achieved full registration with the GTCS as an RE specialist in addition to registration as a music teacher. I have also been appointed Principal Teacher of Religious Education at Turnbull High School after 18 months acting in the job. This brings a new emphasis to my teaching career which I am very excited about but I have no intention at all of hanging up my organ shoes and baton! I will be continuing my work as a liturgical musician with Schola Una Voce and the Schola of Immaculate Heart Parish, Glasgow and will continue to be one of the organists of Kelivngrove Art Gallery.

In the meantime, the Pearce family are preparing for the arrival of our second child in the next few weeks and so the divine craftsman of  life’s rich tapestry continues to weave new and vibrant patterns before my eyes.

I’ll end with something fun from one of my recitals at Kelvingrove!