Video: Si Iniquitates, Wesley

As we move towards the end of the Church year and during the month of the Holy Souls, the De Profundis has appeared regularly in the liturgy. Even today’s introit contains motifs from the Requiem introit and the De Profundis sung at the offertory had phrases from the Libera Me.

Here is a video of the offertory motet from this morning’s Missa Cantata, Si Iniquitates, verse two of the De Profundus, set by Samuel Wesley.

Feast of All Saints: O Quam Gloriosum

Happy feast of All Saints.

Here is a motet by the Spanish Priest composer, Fr Thomas Luis de Victoria- O Quam Gloriosum, complete with beautiful footage from the BBC.

O quam gloriosum est regnum,
in quo cum Christo gaudent omnes Sancti!
Amicti stolis albis,
sequuntur Agnum, quocumque ierit.

O how glorious is the kingdom
in which all the saints rejoice with Christ,
clad in robes of white
they follow the Lamb wherever he goes.

And Fr Victoria’s Mass on the same theme.