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Mass & Sacraments

New St Thomas Institute Catholic Life Prep: Did you know that 80% of Catholic young adults will stop practicing their Catholic Faith by the age of 24? We have been working for two years to create a system of hope, trust, and intellectual answers for our Catholic young adults (ages 14-24) during this difficult time: videos, podcasts, worksheets, resources, books, Bible studies, reminders for holy days and confession, and 365 day/24 hour Catholic apologetics support. We want our young Catholics to succeed in life while be anchored in Jesus Christ and the sacraments.

Elements of the Catholic Mass This video series is a production of the Liturgical Institute

ClaritasU – Brandon Vogt’s Video courses on apologetics

RealLifeCatholic – Real Life Catholic’s purpose is to ignite a bold, contagious faith in the heart of every Catholic in America, by building a movement of Catholics who share the beauty, power and truth of the Gospel with a world that has largely forgotten.

Radio Immaculata “Bringing forth Christ through Mary”Catholic Radio in the UK

Sensus Fidelium Excellent homilies by the Fraternity of St Peter on all areas of Catholic life and teaching

Explanation of the Prayers and Ceremonies of Holy Mass – Dom Prosper Guéranger, O.S.B. (Read Online) (PDF)

The Holy Mass – St. Alphonsus Liguori (PDF)

The Holy Sacrifice of the Mass – Rev. Dr. Nicholas Gihr (Read Online) (PDF) (ePub)

Examination of Conscience for Adults : A Comprehensive Examination Of Conscience Based On Twelve Virtues For The Twelve Months Of The Year – Rev. Donald Miller

Traditional Catechisms

A linked directory of traditional Catholic catechisms, rated by expanse and clarity

Other Liturgy

Summorum Pontificum (English) (Latin) – the Apostolic Letter of Pope Benedict XVI, issued “motu proprio” (i.e. on his own initiative) specifying the rules, for the Latin Rite of the Catholic Church, for celebrating Mass according to the “Missal promulgated by John XXIII in 1962” (the form known as the Tridentine Mass), and for administering most of the sacraments in the form they had before the liturgical reforms following the Second Vatican Council

Liber Usualis (PDF) – Gregorian Chant for every mass of the year

The Roman Martyrology (Read Online) (PDF) (ePub) – 1916 Edition – Online version of 1962 Divine Office, as well as the Ordo of the Mass

The Divine Office: Explanation of the Psalms and Canticles – St. Alphonsus Liguori (Read Online) (PDF)

Holy Scriptures and Scripture Commentary – Douay Rheims Bible

Knox Bible

Catena Aurea – The Golden Chain is a commentary on of the Gospels by the Early Church Fathers compiled together by St. Thomas Aquinas

Haydock Commentary

The Great Biblical Commentary of Cornelius a Lapide

Clerus Bible Commentary (The Holy See – Congregation for the Clergy)

Catholic Classic Books

Available as Public Domain (copyright-free) for download, or available to read online

The largest collection of traditional Catholic Books

Imitation of Christ – Thomas a Kempis (Read Online) (PDF)

Introduction to the Devout Life – St. Francis de Sales (Read Online) (PDF) (ePub)

Story of a Soul – St. Thérèse of Lisieux (Read Online) (PDF) (ePub)

Uniformity with God’s Will – St. Alphonsus Liguori (Read Online) (PDF)

The Baltimore Catechism #1 (PDF)

The Baltimore Catechism #2 (PDF)

The Baltimore Catechism #3 (PDF)

Online libraries of Catholic classics

Catholic Ebook Library – St. Patrick Basilica, Ottawa

Useful Apps

Exodus90 is a spiritual exercise for the renewal of the Church. It’s a challenging 90-day period of prayer and asceticism, supported by a fraternity of like-minded men.

iPieta (iPhone/iPad, Android) – Ordo for Extraordinary Form mass plus daily readings, Douay-Rheims Bible with linked Haydock Commentary and Cantena Aurea, HUGE library of Catholic books, prayers and chaplets

Universalis (iPhone/Android/Kindle) – Liturgy of the Hours, Daily Readings, Lives of the Saints

Square Note (iPhone/Android) – Brings Gregorian Chant and the ancient music of the Church to your mobile device

Breviarium Meum (iPhone/iPad only) – Breviarium Meum allows you to pray the traditional (1962) Latin breviary of the Catholic Church wherever you go.

1962 Missal and Breviary (Android) – This app puts together in one location the most frequently used resources and links associated with the ancient form of Mass, for those who like to have everything in one place.

Liber Pro (iPhone/iPad only) – The 1961 Liber Usualis, a book of over 2,300 pages of Gregorian Chant for use throughout the liturgical year, in an electronic searchable app.

iMass (iPhone/iPad only) – View Holy Mass each day directly on your iPhone, celebrated in the Extraordinary Form by FSSP priests at Christ the King Catholic Church in Sarasota, FL. The app also provides the text of the Mass of the day according to the 1962 Missal.

FOCUS Equip App (iPhone/Android) – Videos from FOCUS to deepen your knowledge of Scripture and help you to go out and confidently share your faith

Formed (iPhone) – Hundreds of Catholic video programs, movies and ebooks

Discerning Hearts (iPhone/Android) – “Discerning Hearts is a trusted resource for Catholic spirituality and teaching. I support it as an apostolate for the new evangelization that brings the Good News to every corner of the world through the internet.” Most Reverend George J. Lucas, Archbishop of Omaha


Dr Taylor Marshall

The Matt Fradd showMatt Fradd speaks to tens of thousands of people every year. He is the best-selling author of several books, including Does God Exist?: A Socratic Dialog on the Five Ways of Thomas Aquinas and The Porn Myth: Exposing the Reality Behind the Fantasy of Pornography.   Matt’s podcast Pints With Aquinas receives over half a million downloads every month.

Catholic Stuff you show know: In January of 2010, Pope Benedict XVI asked young people to use technology for the New Evangelization. This request, colliding with an introduction to the podcast concept on the road trip to Banff, led to the creation of Catholic Stuff You Should Know. The style and format were entirely highjacked from the professional, well-researched and rather humorless podcast Stuff You Should Know. Our style has been coined “consciously unprofessional.” The hosts are not radio talents, but regular guys who happen to be Catholic priests. In its essence, the podcast is the fruit of priestly friendships in the Companions of Christ. “Anything worth doing is worth doing badly,” Chesterton used to say. After seven years, we still hold this as our motto, remaining thoroughly unimpressed with each episode. Yet by the grace of God, we continue to produce a weekly podcast of what we call, “lighthearted explorations into various prominent and obscure Catholic topics.” By lighthearted, we mean pour a Maker’s Mark and banter on life’s eccentricities. By exploration, we mean the shared pursuit of the ever-elusive truths of the Catholica.

The Thomistic Institute: The Thomistic Institute exists to promote Catholic truth in our contemporary world by strengthening the intellectual formation of Christians at universities, in the Church, and in the wider public square. The thought of St. Thomas Aquinas, the Universal Doctor of the Church, is our touchstone.The Thomistic Institute is part of the Pontifical Faculty of the Immaculate Conception at the Dominican House of Studies in Washington, DC.  It was founded in 2009.

The Patrick Coffin Show: Patrick Coffin wrote Sex Au Naturel: What It Is and Why It’s Good For Your Marriage, and the e-booklet, Stay Cool When the Argument Heats Up: Proven Strategies for Calm Conversing. For nearly eight years he hosted the top-rated Catholic radio show in America, Catholic Answers Live, and the podcast, Catholic Answers Focus.

The Liturgy guys Podcast

.Summorum Pontificum – Pope Benedict XVI on the Latin Mass

The Imitation of Christ – Thomas a Kempis

True devotion to Mary  – St Louis de Montfort

The Secret of the Rosary – St Louis de Montfort

The Glories of Mary – St Alphonsus Ligouri

Letters of St Margaret Mary Alacoque – Devotion to the Sacred Heart

Menu on right- Free Catholic EBooks

 G.K. Chesterton- The Apostle of Common Sense

Catechism of St Pius X– Short question and answer format

Catechism of the Council of Trent – The Roman Catechism

Saint Joseph First Communion Catechism – For Children

Recommended Videos and Websites

Sensus Fidelium- Excellent Traditional Homilies and Talks

The Fatima Centre- Short Q&A and many full length talks

Why bother attending Holy Mass -Fr Ripperger FSSP  – Fr ‘Z’